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Its time to take a look at a CAREER IN TECH

You've found a programme that can help you get up to speed with coding in just a few months. 

And it doesn't stop there, we help you get through your first tech interview, meet with industry mentors, all in the name of getting you that first job as a developer. 

Starting a new career from scratch is scary, but you don't have to do it alone, We'll be waiting for you at our next intake.

Why Choose Us:

Obtain a Diploma in Web Application Development

Obtain a Diploma in Web Application Development

In just 6 Months, after attending the Software Development Bootcamp


Employability Rate

 Through our Industry tailored curriculum


No prior knowledge of coding is needed, beginners are welcome!

Our Graduates can be found at the following companies:

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Our Trainers

Taught by Industry, For Industry

Course Overview

HTML/CSS Fundamentals

Python Fundamentals

Front-End Development

Data Centric

Back-End Development

Modern Front-End Framework

Modern Frameworks

Java Fundamentals

The Bootcamp is a programme developed closely with mentors and hiring managers from the industry. In as little as 6 months, students will be equiped with the fundamentals of web application development through HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java.

Through the programme, students will complete 4 projects that expound on Frontend and Backend Frameworks such as VueJS, NodeJS and ReactJS .

Entry Requirements

  • 17 years old and above,
  • 3 ‘O’ level passes or higher NITEC or equivalent qualification
  • C6 Pass in GCE ‘O’ Level English or equivalent qualification


4 Months, (16 Weeks)
10am-6pm on Weekdays

January | April | September
6.5 Months, (26 Weeks)
3 Classes Per Week

January | May | September

Course Delivery

  • Delivered in a Blended Class Curriculum
  • Also available via pure E-Learning

Graduation Requirements

  • A minimum of 85% attendance
     is required
  • Minimum score of 50% is required to pass each project


Singaporeans enjoy 70% off Course Fees
  • Programme Fees after Government Subsidy: 
    SGD 4,050*
*All prices quoted are before GST

Graduate Stories

Hear from our graduates!

Linda Hsu
​Application Developer | DBS Bank 

Having worked 12 years as a broadcast editor, Linda took a leap of faith by making a career switch. Graduating from the bootcamp in 2020, she has since found a developer role in DBS.  In her free time, she continues to conduct beginner-friendly workshops for all.

Project Link

Shiv Iyer
Undergraduate Student, Computer Science  | Singapore Management University

Shiv's passion project showcased not only his technical prowess but also his ability to create meaningful and engaging experiences for users. His game card platform became a virtual playground, offering players an immersive environment to engage, strategize, and connect. The platform's success illustrated Shiv's gift for turning his coding expertise into tangible, entertainment-driven innovations.

Project Link

Wesley Cheah
Software Engineer | NCS Group

With a keen eye for innovation, Wesley identified an opportunity to combine his coding skills with his passion for pens. He envisioned an e-commerce platform that catered specifically to pen enthusiasts, offering a curated selection of premium writing instruments and also provide a seamless and user-friendly shopping journey.

Project Link

Samuel Png
Assistant Software Engineer | 
ZTO: Singapore

Samuel's entrepreneurial spirit and love for footwear converged as he conceptualized and brought to life an innovative e-commerce platform – a destination for branded shoes that catered to the style-conscious and quality-driven audience. The platform's design, functionality, and user experience bore the mark of his coding mastery.

Project Link

Ryan Tan 
Software Developer | 
Toppan Ecquaria

With a strong foundation in computer technology and languages such as JavaScript/Node.js, HTML/CSS and Python. Ryan yearns to take advantage of future technologies to improve daily tasks for any profession or situation. Ryan is currently a FullStack Software Developer at Accenture.

Project Link

Evelyn Tan
​Graduate Associate | DBS Bank

With her adoration for anime, Evelyn envisioned an online haven for fellow enthusiasts – an e-commerce platform dedicated to all things anime. Her coding prowess came to life as she meticulously designed and developed a visually captivating and user-friendly space where anime aficionados could explore and indulge..

Project Link

Hear From Our BootCamp Graduates

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